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Friday, September 28, 2018

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Put yourself in his shoes…

Imagine you are a young boy on the brink of starting middle school. Your family is chronically homeless and at night you share one small bed with your mom and sister. While some kind folks describe you as “full of energy”, most have written you off as a problem child who just doesn’t know how to behave.

Children sailing

This is the real-life story of a child who attended Summer Sailing Camp and found a new passion, thanks to YSF’s flourishing partnership with Homeless Children’s Foundation and a full scholarship funded by donations to YSF.

HCF Executive Director Hannah Hite knows from experience that kids who are placed in the right camp with proper structure will thrive. Despite the cautions and discouraging feedback from others who had been unable to control Billy’s* behavior, Ms. Hite suggested he be enrolled in a week-long YSF Sailing Camp, based on his success in swimming lessons. Billy’s mom readily agreed.

Here’s what happened…

Three sailboats racing

Camp Director Donathan Williams, knowing a little of Billy’s background, made sure he kept close tabs on him and reported no issues whatsoever with his behavior. On Monday the afternoon weather turned sour, and the boat that Donathan and Billy were sailing capsized. This could certainly be disconcerting to a novice sailor. Billy went home that day a little shaken, and camp staff were unsure if he would return. Ms. Hite reported, “Tuesday morning he hopped on the bus and said there was no way he was missing sailing camp!” Williams kept a close eye on Billy to assure his safety and was amazed when Billy said he had watched videos the previous evening about sailing and capsizing. “He had questions about the boat that had turned over and was excited to learn more. Billy’s mom was so thankful that we offered him this amazing experience, and HCF thanks YSF for the full scholarship. Billy was able to try new things, leave his comfort zone, and find a new passion!”

Youth Sailing Foundation is completely donor funded. Please consider volunteering or making a financial contribution. You can make a difference!

Two young boys sailing

*Name has been changed

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