Youth Sailing Foundation Boat Donation Program

Does your boat still bring you joy? It can bring joy to kids.

The Youth Sailing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We want the capability to teach every child in Indian River County how to sail. We seek to turn land-lubbers into competitive school athletes and become lifelong boats-men and women. At YSF, they learn the science and technology of putting the wind to work for them, and the ways of tide, wind and current. They eagerly soak in science, technology, teamwork, cooperation, love of our habitat and the ways of the sea.

Many of our school kids can’t afford sail training … or any other non-school sponsored activity. While it costs over $1,000 each during the school year to provide personnel and equipment, we uniquely teach and train our kids free. Our 100+ volunteers build and maintain boats; teach, train and keep our children safe. Our students are enthusiastic and responsible. YSF offers free learn to sail programs for primary school children. We also supply the staffing and fleet for our local high school sailing club. We deliver competent sailors who can execute competitively in a sport which can bring lifelong enjoyment with friends and families.

We fund YSF programs through our and your donations.

Last year, more than 20% of the funding came from donated power and sail boats, from 8’ to 36’ in length. Many were restored to very marketable condition by our expert volunteer craftsmen and then sold to boaters in our community. Some donor vessels are being used in our training fleet.

How does that work?

YSF can inspect your vessel anywhere from Maine to Florida. Our volunteers include licensed yacht brokers and captains. They are capable of determining a fair market value for your donation. YSF may add the vessel to our fleet, perform restoration and maintenance to improve marketability, or sell the vessel “as is”. Vessels donated to YSF meet IRS guidelines for charitable donations. You are recognized in our donor publications. You bring lifelong joy to kids who might not otherwise get that opportunity.

Some students have commented that at YSF they are recognized for their sailing performance. Indeed, at YSF it’s all about sailing; not where you live or what you’re wearing. Our sailing program develops skills of good citizenship and volunteering, that goes beyond their time on the water. Please help YSF help our kids through the donation of your vessel. Call Greg Gerber at 772-766-6540 or YSF at 772-492-3243 for more information.

Boat donations bring kids much joy.
Boats on the sand