Youth Sailing Foundation Boat Donation Program

YSF offers free sailing instruction to the children of Indian River County, inspiring and empowering local kids who would otherwise have no opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of sailing.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit totally reliant on private donors to fund our expanding programs, which engage about 150 kids every week.

If you have a sailboat or power boat you are no longer using, please consider offering it as a charitable donation to YSF. Some donated vessels we retain in our fleet for the purpose of instructing children, teens, and adults. Other vessels may be sold to boaters in our community, and the proceeds used to fund our youth sailing programs. Boats requiring repair may be restored to useable or saleable condition by our expert volunteer craftsmen.

How does it work?

YSF can inspect your vessel anywhere from Maine to Florida. Our volunteers include licensed yacht brokers and captains who are capable of determining a fair market value for your donation. YSF may add the vessel to our fleet, perform restoration and maintenance to improve marketability, or sell the vessel “as is”. Vessels donated to YSF meet IRS guidelines for charitable donations. Best of all, you bring lifelong joy to kids through your generous gift.

Call Greg Gerber at 772-569-3391 or YSF at 772-492-3243 for more information.

Boat donations bring kids much joy.
Boats on the sand