Many sailboats on the water

Sailing Programs

Youth Sailing Foundation (YSF) offers Indian River County (IRC) residents sailing programs for all ages and levels of sailing experience. Children, starting at age nine, can learn to sail in the world renowned Opti pram. Our fleet of thirty-one Opti’s, all built in our workshop by volunteers; offer a safe beginner boat to learn the fundamentals of sailing and class sailboat racing.

High school students, having mastered the Opti program, move up to our fleet of nineteen C-420’s. A fourteen foot performance sailboat with a crew of two, the 420 is widely used by high school, collegiate, and yacht club sailing programs to teach advanced boat handling at higher speeds. Our Vero Beach High School varsity sail team and sail teams from Indian River Charter High School along with our home school group compete in regattas across Florida.

Our elementary and high school sailing programs are offered free to the children of Indian River County.

Adult sailing classes consisting of eight three hour sessions are offered for a modest fee. Adults can sail a variety of boats depending on their sailing experience. Beginners are taught in our stable and roomy Mariner 19 sloop that can accommodate an onboard instructor and several students. Our twelve foot Trinka dinghies are stable but nimble boats that can be sailed solo or with crew. For those who want speed and don’t mind a little salt water, we have Lasers and Sunfish.

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